Burt Jenner leads Matt Brabham over the jumps on his way to victory

Burt Jenner leads Matt Brabham over the jumps on his way to victory

Two of the biggest names racing at this weekend’s Castrol Gold Coast 600 – Burt Jenner and Matt Brabham – occupied the first two places in the opening race of the Stadium Super Trucks this afternoon.

Californian Jenner in the Gladiator Tires truck annexed the win from the back of the pack during a typically mental Stadium Super Trucks event.

21-year-old Brabham – who grew up mere kilometres from the GC600 track – survived a three-wide opening lap stoush that saw all three Def Leppard/Live trucks enter the turn bumping into one another.

Pacesetter in qualifying, 2014 Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 Champion, Paul Morris got through an early race collision to come home in third position, seeing Team Australia getting off to a terrific start.

Early race leader, Brett Thomas in the TFH Fencing truck was struck with a Penalty Box stoppage, a penalty that also struck Matt Mingay for collecting a water barrier on the backstretch, which turned it into a pinball, triggering a Safety Car.

Brabham was in the thick of the action right throughout, bumping fenders with the Showstopper, Sheldon Creed in the Traxxas Truck – who came close to emulating his Adelaide rollover on the front straightaway with three laps to go whilst rubbing the tail of Brabham’s Def Leppard/Live truck.

Brabham himself had massive nose-up air, claiming he could see “nothing but sky”. Others to strike trouble included his team-mate – 17-year-old Scotty Steele who lost it on Breaker Street, so too Thomas and Mingay.

Jenner put together the perfect race to make it his third Stadium Super Trucks win of season 2015 – but the Aussies have their eyes on upshowing the superstar Americans on the streets of Surfers Paradise.

The field will be inverted for tomorrow’s race – part of two sessions that the Stadium Super Trucks will thrill the Gold Coast crowd.



“I’ve really got some momentum on board now, I’ve been able to build some confidence among the mayhem – I’ve learned you just need do what you do and run your own race – if you do that, you can make it to the top of the box.

“I’ve just learned with these Stadium Super Trucks that you have to stick to your game plan and things will come together and that confidence comes.

“As Robby Gordon himself says, ‘just watch the heads pop and keep it together’.

“I’m having so much fun down here, the Aussies are awesome, it just reminds me of being at home in California.”


“After a slight touch with the wall during qualifying that unfortunately gave the guys a bit of work to do, I just realised I needed to man up.

“I had to psyche up, I’ve got my family and many of my friends watching. I just had to go all guns blazing hard as I could. There were people crashing everywhere, it was great, just awesome.

“I got into a battle with Sheldon who they tell me is the wild man here, to be honest as I sit here right now, I can’t even recount what was going on! All I could see was sky, he was out of control behind me!

“There was pinball stuff going on in front – when I landed and saw the crash was all clear I was like sweet! I’m good to go, put my foot down and got on with it!

Tomorrow we’ll be off the back I reckon I’ll just try and follow Paul (Morris) through and see what happens with the carnage!”


“The carnage and stuff flying everywhere is nothing I haven’t seen before! I knew there was going to be some action somewhere.

I just took the approach of pacing it and looking after the tyres and brakes. While up in front of me, Matt was cutting sick over the jumps, I was driving around like an old man.

“I had a real strength under under brakes, I had to cool them off a bit to manage them to ensure that I had enough available at the end.

“I think the approach from the back tomorrow is to be a bit more cautious and leave a bit more room as we charge on through!”

Stadium Super Trucks will be back in action on the Gold Coast tomorrow and Sundaywith the racing shown live on Fox Sports and Network Ten.

Next Saturday night (October 31), the troupe heads to Valvoline Raceway, Wentworth Street Granville for a huge double header alongside the Ultimate Sprintcar Championship. Tickets available at Ticketek.com.au.